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Enhance Your VerseX Experience

Based on your preferred style of journey in the VerseX world, we can help you discover the perfect items for you.

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In-Game Currency

Host a great deal of benefits in VerseX including; ownership of a virtual store, 3D character, advertising billboards, exclusive rewards and more...

Virtual Stores

Own a Virtual Store Front to sell your products from. Connect with a worldwide audience in an immersive manor with your store. Transform your 2D business into a 3D world.

Loot Crates

Loot Crates are available for a limited time only. They include various helpful items to get you started on your journey.

3D Characters

Create your online identity with a 3D representation of your self using a 3D avatar that is able to walk around the VerseX world.

Virtual Land

What if you had a private island where you make your own rules? An island off limits to the others and limitless to you?

Vehicles and Boats

Explore VerseX in bizarre and wonderful ways. There's everything from hoverboards to ships and choppers. What's your choice?

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